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We provides hassle-free, comfortable, affordable Bohol Tour Packages and Car or Van rentals. We will give you the perfect vacation that you can say it is one of the best tour you ever have. Showing you the different wonderful and historical tourist attraction around Bohol that will leave you jaw drops once you visit it and never forget the memories galore you experience.

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About Bohol

Bohol Sandugo Festival

Bohol is a province of the Philippines and located at Central Visayas with area of 4,821 kmĀ². Bohol composes numerous smaller islands and that is why our beaches and tropical leaving is very popular worldwide. Bohol also have numerous waterfalls and caves that are scattered in the island. There are also plenty of historical sites that are until now are preserved. There are plenty of things to say about Bohol and here is a link to read about it.

Bohol as well celebrate the famous Sandugo Festival, which means ‘one blod’ where Spaniards and the chieftain of Bohol perform this as the first treaty of friendship between the Spaniards and Filipinos. Read more about Sandugo in Bohol here.

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This website is run by me Edwin Adlao and I personally do services to tourist guests. I know Bohol very much and I am a local here, that is why I have put up this site to help and show tourist the wonders of Bohol and leaving you the great experience ever.

I have been on this business for 15 years and I really love to share those experiences with you. To contact me dial 09093877207 or 09358383371 I can be reach anytime any day. Book now and start your year travelling!

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Thank you Edwin the tour was so nice and we were so happy, enjoyed and excited. After I go back to my country will recommended you to my friends and family because you deserve that.

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Fun Facts

Chocolate Hills can be found at Carmen, Bohol Philippines. It is one of the famous tourist spot of the Island of Bohol. The hills have variations of sizes that ranges from 30 to 50 meters high and with the tallest/largest of 120 meters. An estimated of 1,268 to 1,776 hills scattered around.

Did You Know?
Chocolate Hills named “Chocolate” because of it is grass covered mound shape hills that, on every dry season they turned brown like a chocolate. To know more visit Chocolate Hills in Bohol

Tarsier known locally as mawmag in Cebuano/Visayans, it is mostly found in the Island of Bohol whose name is derived from its elongated “tarsus” or ankle bone. It measures only about 85 to 160 mm (3.35 to 6.30 in) in height, and known to be one of the smallest primates.

Did You Know?
Tarsier are very sensitive and because of it, that may cause their lives. They can not be touch or even make noises around their environtment because for them it is a threat and they might commit suicide. They are already endagered species and people from Bohol specially in the Tarsier Sanctuary educate people about these little cute creatures. Read More about Philippine Tarsier